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Find matches containing   This phrase  All of these words  Any of these words

Alta Vista Search

Search and Display the Results

Excite Search

Enter words describing aconcept or keywords so excite can find information for you:

Savvy Search

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Search for documents containing
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Display results in [ Brief Normal Verbose ] format.
Integrate results.

Yahoo Search

 Title   URL   Comments         Case sensitive
or and quoted Substrings Complete words
Number of results to return: 100 200 300 unlimited

InfoSeek Search

WebCrawler Search

Number of results to return:   25   100   500   1000
AND words together:

Lycos Search

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TradeWave Galaxy Search

Galaxy Pages Galaxy Entries Gopher Hytelnet
World Wide Web (full text search) World Wide Web Links (link text only)

Inktomi Search

Number of results to return:   10   20   30   50   100

Yelloweb Search

Quick Search

Advanced Search

World Wide Web Worm Search

Starting Point Search

Deja News Usenet Search

Number of results to return:   30   60   120
Sort by: score group date author
Hitlist format: terse verbose Operator: AND OR
Age Bias: prefer new prefer old
Age Matters: not at all somewhat greatly

New Riders' WWW Yellow Pages Search

Or select one of the following:
(This will override the above input field)

Number of results to return:   30   100   200   500   1000

Whats New Too Search

 Case sensitive
Or And Quoted
Substring Complete Words
Number of results to return: 25 50 100 250 500
Search Adult announcements also (Must be 21 years of age or older)

Open Text Search

 And   Or   Quoted

Harvest Home Pages Search

Display WAIS rankings
Display object descriptions (if available)
Display links to indexed content summary data for each result

Number of results to return:

The Magellan Search

Enter Query:

Search Options: (Click here for more)

Aliweb search

Search term(s):

There are several types of search:
Case Sensitive

Which type records would you like to search:

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You can restrict the results to a domain (e.g. "uk"):

Stop after the first matches.

WhoWhere? search

    Please type the Name of the Person you are looking for:

    You may narrow your search by including information about the organization that provides an email account for this person. For example, the organization name and location (city, state or country) or some part of its internet domain name.

NlightN search

Lokace search

Votre recherche :

Ecila search

Nombre maximum de réponses

FTP search'95 (archie)

Search Type: Try exact hits first
Number of results to return: 25 100 500 1000
Limit to domain:
Output fields:
Per-host header: Host and country nothing just host
Truncate hostnames (longer than characters).

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